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Why We Love Vintage Traditions Skincare

There’s something to be said about us women and our skin, we strive to keep looking young, wrinkle free and to always have the perfect complexion. We soak up everything we see, hear and read in the chase for the perfect products we can recommend to our girlfriends and pass on this knowledge to our children.

What is the cosmetics industry worth?

Since the early twentieth century, the production of cosmetics has been controlled by a handful of multi-national corporations. The global cosmetics industry is broken down into six main categories with skincare being the largest one out of them all, accounting for 33.8% of the global market in 2012.

Revenue of the cosmetic industry is a whopping $56.63bn so they have the budget to spend convincing us of the lasted and greatest breakthroughs to keep your skin looking youthful and beautiful. We’ve all been there, trying different brands and products in the hope that it’s helping and one thing we at EWC headquarters have learnt it that not only do we have the power to stop putting harmful chemical into our bodies through our skin, but it’s all bollocks!

It’s all bollocks…

I know a bold statement, but it’s from experience don’t ya know. Yes we have been there in the past trying out the latest and greatest creams, which in most cases can set you back quite a few $$$. What you put on your skin is really important, but so is:

  • Your diet because what you eat and drink helps to builds the cells in your body, including your skin. You are what you eat as they say – literally!
  • How much sleep you get. When we drift off to magical fairyland it gives our bodies time to repair and rejuvenate so we wake up feeling alive and full of energy. It truly is beauty sleep, so make sure your topped up every night.
  • How stressed are you? When we are stressed we release more of the stress hormone cortisol, which is made by the adrenal glands. This can impact our immune system and in turn have an impact on how healthy our skin is
  • How much you love the body you’re in. Beauty really does start from the inside out and when we learn to love and accept ourselves the real magic starts to happen on a much deeper level.

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Sometimes looking at the big picture like this can be way too overwhelming for many of us, so lets start with something easy; Are you putting chemicals on your skin?

If you answered yes then think about this, the more a substance from nature is manipulated, modified, and refined, the more we feel it should be avoided. This is where reading the ingredients on labels becomes important, even on products in the health food store.

Which one we like the best!

We LOVE Vintage Traditions ‘pretty girly’, we know the owner Kenneth, his passion to make this world a better place and to produce a high quality products with every element considered. We don’t want to bored you with lots of statistic’s and facts, so here is the low down we think you’ll find interesting:

  1. It’s affordable at $19.95 a jar
  2. There are links to where all the ingredients come from, even the olive oil
  3. The recipe on how to make your own tallow balm is on the site in detail – how many cosmetic companies would do that?
  4. You can get the basic balm and add your own pure essential oils to make your own custom scent
  5. The balm can last for years if kept at room temperature and long-term if out in the fridge
  6. The balm is packaged in recyclable glass jars with a recyclable BPA-free plastic lid which doesn’t come in contact with the balm, so there no nasty chemicals from the plastic leeching into it
  7. The ingredients come directly from nature and not from a laboratory. Therefore, the balm can vary from batch to batch in color, consistency, and scent

BO_VTWhat are the results?

I guess this is the biggest question every women wants to know when they hear about a new beauty product. We don’t like secrets here, just to share our experience and Empower you to live more vibrant lives. So here are the results:

I use it every night without fail and sometimes in the morning. A little bit goes a long way and my skin just soaks it up and loves it. There is no greasy feel and as I live on the Gold Coast in Australia it’s hot and your skin can become really dry, so it’s great for me to feed it with something nourishing, especially the added bonus of high quality essential oils in the balm. As a little bonus I like to give myself a 5min lymphatic facial massage at night while using the pretty girly balm. It helps my skin to feel soft and tight and I’ve definitely noticed a difference since using it! Best of all it doesn’t cost the Earth! ~ Bo

PS. Besides a little eye makeup I don’t have anything else on my skin!

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