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6 Reasons why reusable cloth pads can Empower Women!

If you landed on this website and decided to click through to this article, it is highly likely that you realize that many aspects of society today are backward, and you are looking for some answers. Don’t believe everything you’ve been told… When it comes to women, the instructions we have been given for how to care for our menstrual cycles are backward. ...

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A yoga sequence for the menstrual cycle

As women, every month our bodies go through cycles of preparation, power, release and renewal. It is important to honour those steps, as they are designed on purpose to give to our bodies what they need in order to function properly. The most sensitive time of the cycle, and the one we are focusing on in this article, is the time just before ...

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How’s that monthly period going?

A topic that needs to be talked about more is our cycles as women, especially that time of the month that most women dread as it’s viewed as a nuisance and something they can’t wait to be over, does this sound like you? Believe it or not but our cycles used to be in sync with the phases of the moon, amazing ...

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