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Podcast Episode 9 – Interview with Wellness Coach Jema Lee

In this episode we talk to wellness coach Jema Lee from Wellsome who wants to help you live the healthiest life possible.

From a young age Jema has been living gluten-free and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject, after growing up in a family of 6 with two members diagnosed with celiac’s disease. We love keeping you ladies informed on the hot diet topics of the moment!

Do you come home with big black bags under the eyes, eat, and then all you want to do is sleep? Jema’s brother did- and gluten was the culprit! Because of the way our food is grown and processed today, food allergies and sensitivities to things like gluten is becoming more prevalent in society and affecting more and more people around the globe.

We aren’t getting the nutrient dense foods we used too, as there used to be a time when there was no need for the label ‘organic’ because pretty much everything was. Just because the packaging say’s it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it’s automatically healthy, so Jema lets us in on how to choose the right gluten-free foods and how to find out if you are gluten sensitive.

We talk to Jema about how living gluten-free isn’t just about buying the right kind of bread- it can impact many aspects of your life, from how you shop, cook, order food at restaurants and attending social functions, as well as dealing with the emotional challenges from always being tired and bloated.

But it’s not just living gluten-free we chat about as she gives us her scoop on why she recommends taking supplements and fish oils to take your health to the next level.

We know you ladies want to look and feel your best, so if this show strikes a cord with you, you might want to think more about the food you are eating. If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms covered and found alternative ways or foods that have helped improve your health, please leave a comment below and share the love with your fellow sisters!

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