Both Los Angeles natives, Sara Landas and Holli Rae had big dreams from the start. Mixing art and activism, Holli and Sara maintain an honesty in their work and are the co-founders of The Goddness Project. By constantly exploring what it means to be truly vulnerable, their collaborations are an insight into the limitless potential that exists when you follow your heart.

The Time is Now! Follow Your Heart!

Learn to listen to your inner voice. You know what’s best for you and you have the power to make things happen in your life. Believe in yourself! Do what you love, and love what you do. Great things don’t always happen overnight, and usually the best things take time. The most important thing is to just keep moving forward!

Edith Chan“Enjoy the path, every hurdle, every struggle, enjoy it, because it is perfectly planted in the just the right sequence for you to discover the ultimate treasure.” ~ Edith ‘Ubuntu’ Chan | Chinese Medicine Practitioner | San Francisco, CA

Make A Vision Board!

It is so important to constantly visualize what it is that you truly want. Allow yourself to dream BIG because you create your own reality. When you visualize something, whether it’s in your journal, with a camera, or as a work of art, you are planting a seed of intention into the collective consciousness. A vision board is a collage of your dreams and goals made from pictures and drawings of things that inspire you. Taking time to focus on your board every day can help you manifest anything you want in life! Learn how to make one here.

Jen Marie“You have to just crystallize your vision. It’s not getting what you want that’s the difficult piece, it’s knowing what you want. It’s being able to visualize what it is that you really like. What that feels like, what it tastes like, that’s important. Then it happens!” ~ Jen Marie | Restaurant Owner & Organic Gardener | Sedona, AZ

Surround Yourself with People that Inspire You!

It is important to spend time with people that encourage and support you in being the best that you can be! If you are in a situation that isn’t ideal, what are you waiting for? Try something new! The world is full of infinite makers, mentors, movers and shakers- and they are all waiting to meet you!

Liz Eckland“I have beautiful friends. My friends are so brilliant and real and honest. I think there is a sense of strength behind being able to express exactly how you’re feeling and being real about it.” ~ Liz Eckland | Artist | Chicago. IL

Radically Express Yourself!

Shine your light and share your story! Sing and dance because everyday is your special day! You never know if this could be your last hour on earth, so live it up NOW. Show the world what you’re made of! No matter who you are or what you believe, there is someone out there just waiting to discover their possibilities in your reality!

Nancy Berggren“Do not hide your light, let it shine! For others see their possibilities in your reality!” ~ Nancy Berggren | Actress & Author | Santa Clarita, CA

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Step into the unknown! It’s important to enter new environments and to have new experiences that broaden your view of life. Gaining a fresh perspective inspires creativity, expands your knowledge, and enables you to connect with more of the world around you!

Delphine Diallo“Everyone on this planet should risk something. It involves sacrifice, but you take the risk and positive things will come to you.” ~ Delphine Diallo | Photographer | Brooklyn, NY


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