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Podcast Episode 11 – Interview with Sound Therapist Othman Haddad

Are you the type of lady that doesn’t like to be touched by a stranger while getting a  massage? Do you love listening to music to unwind? Well then sound baths might be just the thing for you!

This week the ladies talk to Bo’s good friend and sound therapist Othman Haddad in London, UK. Otto used to work as an IT engineering consultant in the Corporate sector, but it wasn’t his passion in life, sound familiar? Through his feeling  of something was lacking, he trained as a sound therapist and developed his own approach to Sound Therapy- which combines cutting-edge 21st century technology science and ancient Sound techniques.

Not only that ladies, but in this podcast you can learn how sound can affect areas in your life such as relationships and attracting the right people. Bo has done vibrational training with Otto and they talk about how she attracts guys when walking down the street or picking up a bunch of banana’s…

Otto describes how the essence of the sound comes from the idea that everything vibrates and for it to vibrate it means it also has a frequency. By understanding what these frequencies and sounds are, we can use them to take us to a deeper level of healing, detoxification, relaxation and clarity in our lives.

The body of the human being is like a instrument which can be tuned, but when it is off tune that is when disease starts to happen. You can re-tune the body using tools such as singing bowls, crystals bowls and drums etc… that is why you leave a sound bath feeling so relaxed and rested.

If you’re a Dj/musician or just have an ear for music, you will really appreciate the tones and sounds of a sound bath, Bo’s musical friend’s did. Not only that, a sound bath can get you into a delta state easily, this is the state that happens in the deepest of sleep states. A delta state plays a vital role in health and well being.

Towards the end of the podcast there is a sound bath taster, but because this podcast interview was done via Skype the quality isn’t great. It does however give you a nice little taster of what to expect and we recommend you stop whatever you are doing, close your eyes and listen. Sound baths are a really great way to have YOU time, relaxing and unwinding from the week without any distractions.

If you want to learn more about sound baths and how Otto can help you through vibrational training please visit his website:

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