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Podcast Episode 10 – Charee Balm: Essential Oils 101

Essential oils: trend or tradition?

With the oil buzz going around lately, we were very curious to find out just what IS the big deal with essential oils these days? Well, first off, it’s not just a ‘these days’ subject. In fact, in this episode essential oil expert Charee Balm unlocks some of the secrets of essential oil uses as well as a little history of how oils have been a huge part of many cultures around the world throughout the ages.

Kate and Bo have been experimenting with different types of oils lately and are just beginning to uncover a few of the many unique situations they can be applied to. Headache? Tired and need some energy boosting aromatic infusions? Down in the dumps and feeling like you need a lift? Lacking a sense of peace and calm? You wouldn’t begin to believe just what ailments certain oils have been used to help combat for thousands of years! And hey-you can even use a few of these oils for recipes ! Add a kick to salsas and even add essential lemon to your morning water for extra hydration!

If you, like us, have found yourself a bit confused about how to go about finding the right oil blends for you-search no further! Not only is Charee well studied in this subject, but her passion for health and wellness just spills out in this episode. We are feeling super blessed and lucky to have such amazing friends like Charee in our lives, who add a smile to our faces while engaging in interesting and enlightening conversation. In our opinion, this gal was meant to be behind a mic as she is a joy to all who come across this wealth of knowledge.

So sit back and cuddle up for a great girly conversation. Imagine lavender …can’t you just smell the stress melting away already!

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PS. So here are those dinosaur pictures we promised, it really was a fun little pit stop for the ladies! Can you spot the diffrence? Now time to spritz on some Franscense – have you got yours?


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  1. Great podcast about essential oils!! Honestly, I have recently listened to a couple of others, and they were doctors or naturopths… And while their podcasts were interesting and informative… I really think Charee’s was the most informative! mainly because she stated in a succinct & complete way how to use them and what they were for without getting off track. Nicely done, ladies!

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